​Permanent Makeup By Cyndi


Beautiful Faces

​Designer eyeliner          $400

          Eyeliner that includes multiple colors, special placement or is considerably thicker that average and will require more than one visit.  This procedure includes one free retouch. 

Basic eyeliner                $300

          Basic eyeliner is considered a lash-line enhancement and is usually completed in one visit.  


Designer eyebrow          $450

          This brow placement includes the hair-line strokes method sometimes referred to as micro-blading.  This method creates a 3D illusion so that those with no hair have a more natural/soft appearance.  This procedure will require more than one appointment to complete the look and those two appointments are included in the price. 

Basic eyebrows              $350

          The basic eyebrow procedure is perfect for those who have thin brows, a scar or would just like a fuller and thicker look.  

Full lip color                    $450

           Full lip color is a wonderful way to appear to have a fresh lipstick on all day!  

Lip liner                           $250

          This procedure is best used with the full lip color procedure.  While its not necessary to complete your lip color, some enjoy a two tone lip look this procedure provides.